ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

Shuffle Play – Hokus Grey

A lifetime ago (at least it feels that way) I spent some time hanging around musicians and fancied myself a bit of a singer songwriter. I was young and full of dreams and even though after a few years the dream died under the weight of life’s vagrancies, I still have many fond memories.

This piece is about looking back, but looking forward. If we stay re-playing the same old experiences from our past over and over, we don’t ever escape them. Some relationships fade in time, and that is not a testament to how good or bad they were, it is just a fact of life. We can’t dwell on pain, or shame, or disappointment. Closing ourselves off to the possibility of a beautiful, new future, because of a painful past is just another form of suicide.

Write a new song. Let it play with all the old ones. The classics will always be classics, but there is always room for something new.


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