Strong Foundations

Pop smoke

and bug out

amidst the confusion.

Escape and evade,

do whatever it takes

to break contact.

Go to ground

and disappear

into the indigenous population.


Back tracking is not an option.

Besides, there’s nothing waiting back there,

except the same old enemies.

Always an aggressive push forward.

Take the next step

and always move towards the objective.


Compromise was never an option

and those who demand it,

are really demanding surrender.

A guilty plea,

for a perceived lesser sentence.


Most folks don’t understand

that these things are not negotiable.

They are cornerstones,

in foundations laid by master builders.


Foundations that stand today.

Foundations that we have built

a civilization on;

the same civilization that is now

being undermined and destroyed,

in the name of “Progress”.


Here’s the thing about strong foundations,

even if everything that has been built on them

is burned to the ground,

they still make excellent positions

to fight from.


HG – 2016.

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