The Diagnosis

They took his proclamation of enlightenment as a sign of madness and he was treated with derision and imprisoned for his crime.   He claimed he saw the light, but they thought he was there to shine and they were all blind.   He was no problem, but a prophet always brings, followers with him […]

Café Rédemption

There were never many times where I got it right; just a few short moments and the words always seem to fail on my tongue, or on my fingertips.   Today, I sit in a squalid, messy café, crumbling sugar into my tea and sweating out another prayer to a silent and irreconcilable God.   […]

Praying To The Wrong Sky

I’ve known the cold. I’ve held the faded and the empty. I’ve spent a lifetime getting up off my knees, but is it the whisper of fate? Is this the crucible that tempered me?   Sometimes I’m thinking that I have had my head in the clouds; praying to the wrong sky. Sometimes I turn […]

The Bridge

There is a bridge at the end of the world and none who cross return. Tales are told of the other side, but none who tell them know for sure.   There is a part of each of us that stays after we’re gone, a piece of dust, the universe allows to linger on.   […]

Early Morning Visitation

I heard your voice this morning and it had been more than a long time. I didn’t call on you like I said I would, I was too ashamed.   You knew that I had broken all my promises and had let my lust linger in those old, dark places. I had begun to view […]


I’ve made peace with the end of the world. I’ve talked with the Man in the Sky. He told me, “Don’t worry, I’m coming.” so I’m waiting to watch Him walk by.   He’s coming home, gonna clean His castle by burning that bitch to the floor. When the land’s been razed, all those little […]

Strong Foundations

Pop smoke and bug out amidst the confusion. Escape and evade, do whatever it takes to break contact. Go to ground and disappear into the indigenous population.   Back tracking is not an option. Besides, there’s nothing waiting back there, except the same old enemies. Always an aggressive push forward. Take the next step and […]

From Dark Before

I was born when the universe was dark. I was shaped when the Earth was cold. I was born by the mother of the void and the father of singularity. Birthed in silence before the light was spoked in to existence; I witnessed the first dividing line.   I am the last of the everything. […]


Freedom isn’t free. This ought to be common knowledge, for by now everyone must have noticed the rivers of blood are getting knee deep.   If freedom must come from the barrel of a gun, then let that gun be a human heart and let that barrel be a beautiful mouth that speaks the truth […]

Solstice Reborn

Come out of your chrysalis into the soft light of amber bright Summer Solstice sky. As the Earth turned we have been asleep beneath the concrete of this new kingdom come.   Now come, let us shed off the last vestiges of aeons old skin and former things long since passed to dust. Under this […]


When I was young and just begun, I sabotaged my position. I sold the truth and bought a lie, then gave away my alibi. I spoke to God and begged to die. I prayed for chains, then made to fly.   I was lost, so high and holy. Deny my love, my one and only. […]

Dark Matter in The Afterglow

Will you let me take your pain away? Can I be a needle in your vein? You look like you could use an escape. I can be just what you need, the chance you have to take. Are you seeking freedom from your fear? I think you’ll find everything is clear, when you come and […]


Take the chances, Make them worth the price of failing. Hold nothing back, let each effort fly, defy the irritating voice in your head; deafen it with the noise of the blood rushing through your veins.   Let you heart beat hammer in you chest, until it feels like it’s going to explode. Taste fear […]

The Big Parade

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your time is up. I hope you have your debts paid. Hug and kiss your loved ones good-bye. It’s your turn, now turn away.   Everyone gets one kick at the can. One breath, one look, one glance at the big parade. One chance to be great. Born – Live – […]

The Punchline

This is just another trick being played on you. You were never meant to know the truth. It’s possible this joke is killing you, but you’re the one that wanted to play, too. The devil always gets his due.   You’re begging for someone to let you out. Yet you’ve got the key in your […]

In Time

Does the day begin with the dawn? Is it only the strike of Midnight that heralds time’s next immutable step? For we know that though tomorrow is never promised, it is inevitable. Whether we are pre… Source: In Time

Saving The World and Me First

Knowing what is right and doing what is right; I don’t think the two ideas could be more different.   Sure, I know you’re drowning, but saving you is another matter altogether.   It requires me being involved. It requires me being accountable for the outcome. It requires me to relinquish my seat as the […]

That’s Gratitude For Ya!

I am rising, above the garbage, above the flesh; uncompromising. Got to write it out, sing it out, scream it out. Let it get the best of me? No – I don’t think so.   For crying out loud, it’s you who set it up this way, made every facet of the game and bitch […]

You can go wherever you want in life, but The Devil never changes his address.

Ocean of Reflection

Derivative, a little piece of everything is what we are. Somehow we live with our eyes turned inside so far.   We don’t see past you or me, can’t reconcile this separation, together we might become something more; all cowering in what has gone before. Fear of pain and abandonment, we cling to the words, […]