Sheep Dog

The night comes, deep and cold. Under the brilliant light of the full moon, the flocks in the field glow white.   They have finally quieted, after something in the night spooked them. Their bleating I fear will draw the wolves down from the high mountains. For now at least, the cold has them huddled […]

Strong Foundations

Pop smoke and bug out amidst the confusion. Escape and evade, do whatever it takes to break contact. Go to ground and disappear into the indigenous population.   Back tracking is not an option. Besides, there’s nothing waiting back there, except the same old enemies. Always an aggressive push forward. Take the next step and […]

A Good Fighting Stance

It is a survival instinct that drives us to fight. The whisper in our ear that we are weak; that we are small and soft and easily crushed. It is the knowledge that we are helpless that forces our hand, makes us sweat and bleed to be better, to be stronger, to be harder to […]