Solstice Reborn

Come out of your chrysalis

into the soft light

of amber bright

Summer Solstice sky.

As the Earth turned

we have been asleep

beneath the concrete

of this new kingdom come.


Now come,

let us shed off the last vestiges

of aeons old skin

and former things

long since passed to dust.

Under this new golden dawn

we are born anew.

The lands that bore

the tread of our step

have succumbed to time,

so we will leave footprints

upon this new age.


When we face the burning

of the horizon line,

under the indelible

deep blue vastness

of our home,

we must relish that feeling

of new grass beneath our feet

and warm, summer air upon our skin.


Make ready,

it is almost time.


HG – 2016

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