“It’s Gonna Be a Hot summer.”

  Watching it all crash down in beautiful waves of radiation. See the fashion trends, bruises covered, and skin sloughing, laugh at the rainbow nights, and the blaze in the atmosphere. This season’s apparel will be hazmat suits left over from the last apocalypse. This time it’s the real thing. No masks, but everyone covers … Continue reading “It’s Gonna Be a Hot summer.”

Summer Out West

Days drift on long summer shadows, morning kisses, simple whispers of a million leaves' secrets.   Clear sky, powder blue, swept wisps of tangled clouds over the tops of mountain walls, secure in their veneration.   Straight trunked sentinel forest gave way to long, lush prairie on one side and impossibly high cliffs on the … Continue reading Summer Out West

The Mist Walker

Morning mist embraces these forsaken streets, giving them an air of mystery; like a veil hides undiscovered beauty.   Slipshod building facades frown narrowly on a lone passerby.   A lank and dreary fellow, making his necessary mile before the Sun burns away the clouds to reveal the day.   Dew drops cling to hat … Continue reading The Mist Walker

Summer Sun Shower

Snapshots of summer days; rain falling crystalline from a cloudless sky. Children laugh and splash about in purple, polka-dot galoshes, singing songs only understood by the initiated.   The grown ups seek shelter; rolling up newspapers and rushing inside, with half hearted instructions for their kids to follow, knowing their orders will be ignored.   … Continue reading Summer Sun Shower

Solstice Reborn

Come out of your chrysalis into the soft light of amber bright Summer Solstice sky. As the Earth turned we have been asleep beneath the concrete of this new kingdom come.   Now come, let us shed off the last vestiges of aeons old skin and former things long since passed to dust. Under this … Continue reading Solstice Reborn


Changes in atmospheric pressures drive the clouds west and the light of the estranged Sun reveals the damage left by an errant summer storm.   Broken fences, felled trees, frayed nerves and you.   A world now bright and hot, becomes humid. Sweaty, sticky bodies fix the neighbor's roof. Replacing missing shingles. Each unable, or … Continue reading Windfall

Solitary Disconnect

Plugged in. Engaged. The sound of the system's whine as it powers up. Disconnect. Power down. The high pitched, almost imperceptible sound of a powered device gives way to true silence and I can hear rain falling, wind blowing. Solitary sounds, on a solitary night.   The storm becomes a veil between the individual and … Continue reading Solitary Disconnect