The Betrayal

I gave you comfort

and safety

and this is how

you repay me?

You fucking betray me?

This is why

good men go crazy.

Driven to the edge

by those they sought to protect.

There’s a point to this,

I guess.


It doesn’t matter,

We’ll just fuck it up again.


I think we must like it.

We build our castles

despite it.

A whole life of matches,

ignite it

and walk away

watching it all burn.


I have learned

there’s always someone

out to get me;

even if that someone is me.

I have brought the ultimate protection,

the lack of all desire.

The act and the denial.

We don’t see the cycle,

we just like to watch the fire.


We hate it,

but deep down,

we love it.

We need it,

because it’s

the loss that we covet.

The empty,

the sorrow,

the rain on your fucking parade;

we love a good march to the grave.


This is the end we seek.

That’s why we create,

to stave off life

for one more day.

There are patterns to our games,

now I appreciate

the way we place our faith

in our mistakes.


Even when you betray me,

I can’t let them take your place,

it’s all burning down around me,

all my perfect plans erased.

I just want to see your eyes

and taste your tears one last time;

if this is the end,

I’ll do it better next time.


HG – 2016

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