The Horror

The Horror


Mentality like mass murder,

I think it’s over – you take it further.

Another day brings hate and danger,

cope with it as best I can.

War is the only solution,

can’t abide by such confusion,

bringing death and dissolution;

massacre your only plan.


We live with the pain

inflicted every day,

in every possible way;

you bring to me The Horror.


Cradle of corpses,

burn another child.

Bomb their towns and villages,

tax dollars buy another round.

Chambered – Fired

Point blank – execution style.

The will of the people,

we’re all refugees and exiles.


No difference – All premeditated

Common sense – Misappropriated

Skinned alive and fornicated,

you deliver The Horror.


No fix – this is our legacy,

so quick to fall to heresy.

Your god – who’s watching over us?

I cease to find this humorous.

So, blood is the currency

we buy our freedom with,

so much for democracy,

there’s killers in our midst.

The Horror – you bring – transfixed.

Now started, we can’t seem to quit.


Dig our graves in the name of some cause,

’til your ways deliver us to your god.

Your mind’s given in to The Horror,

what keeps you from killing us all?

And we all fall to…

The Horror.


HG – 2000-2005

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