What’s The Difference?

You said it was something I said. I was just remembering yesterday. You said it was something I did, but I can’t remember it either way.   Now you screamed and you cried and you tried to convince me. Yeah, you win. You’re right, but I don’t see the difference.   You were in a […]

Momma Song

When I was young, my momma told me, that I don’t have to be afraid, but she was wrong; was she ever wrong.   As I grew up, wise men told me, there’s an end to all this pain, but they were wrong; were they ever wrong.   It turns out that getting by is […]


I’m an all around mess. I can fall with the best. I should confess I’m some trouble, I guess, couldn’t think any less.     I’ve had it with the world, I’m getting off the line, I’m sick of trying to impress the rest I’ve left behind, I’m getting out of mind.   I’ve been […]

Again I Go Away

It seems that I might never find another way, than this cold dark life that I myself designed and when she looks, I turn and walk the other way; forsaking all I love, but she don’t mind.   It might never make a difference to you, but it does to me. I’ve walked away from […]

Easing the Descent

She’s sitting on the window sill, sliding down the wall, drunk – or merely giving in to a sick compulsion’s call and a withered man says pray and save, but he don’t understand at all; easing the descent ain’t quite that easy – believe me-   Hands let her down slowly, words aren’t all that […]

Obscure Permanent Vacation

Drawn into the life at a young age with no boundary of a family to keep one’s feet on the ground. Harnessing energy at this stage, to erase my enemy and take back my mind from the clouds.   There is no soul here, hopeless, without fear. I can see the way clear of these […]


Forces conspire – death and desire, to set you up – take you down, let you hang on barbed wire. People and politics, heathens and heretics, persuade and invade you and ply you with tricks. Want you to submit to their useless shit, convinced that it’s gold, but it’s you who’s sold.   No reason […]

Ocean of Reflection

Derivative, a little piece of everything is what we are. Somehow we live with our eyes turned inside so far.   We don’t see past you or me, can’t reconcile this separation, together we might become something more; all cowering in what has gone before. Fear of pain and abandonment, we cling to the words, […]

The Horror

The Horror   Mentality like mass murder, I think it’s over – you take it further. Another day brings hate and danger, cope with it as best I can. War is the only solution, can’t abide by such confusion, bringing death and dissolution; massacre your only plan.   We live with the pain inflicted every […]

Theory of Negativity

Consumption to the point of compulsion, rejection a foregone conclusion. This state of paradox, tried to put it in a box and failed miserably. This lack of fulfillment, the dark sun that nourishes me. Desiccated faith no longer, persuaded to death in anger, when tried for a life of blasphemy.   Direct – The Theory […]

Dead is The Memory of My Lover

Cold and unfeeling – dead eyes showing not, touch like corpse skin – love becomes rot. Given out all my life, trust and good faith; golden rule – must be nice, seen the lies behind your face.   Will you want for more? How do you hang on? Drawing out a crippling pain and share […]

This Kind of Freedom

Another new beginning, how nice that I get another chance to fuck it all up again – I love that kind of freedom!   There’s no one gonna tell me that I took the hard path. Made all the right moves and I still burned my bridges, but that’s OK, ’cause if you were my […]

Other Second Chances

Being alive in this place, at this time. Seeing inside, what awaits, what’s denied. Pushing past pain to regain what I’ve never known. Our fortunes are foreign and fortunate sons go alone. With every bridge burned in my wake I can finally go on. There’s only one way I can face; the light of the […]


Sleep. Back of my head slowly goes numb stomach turns inside out.   Lust. Serving the nerve, dead to the world, simply now I am nothing.   In side out I die   Shifting the sun, see the new way, split my head up and maybe you can get some   Stay. I’m too naked […]

Every Little Thing

Hopefully, you’ll never concede yourself again, deceive yourself again, trade away your friends. Pure calm comfort for another one night stand, like I know you can.   Lessons learned just like a teacher taught today, takes my friend away, like a song unplayed. Will acts never reflect what we say? Colors turned to grey.   […]


We never collide straight on. Always in a frantic spin. Never been sustained this long. Make it up and it all goes wrong. Just sitting in on it all. Facing north, heading south. The further we go the smaller it seems, but always larger than life on TV. A second to breathe is what we […]