The Dreamers of All

Hope lies-

another word for wishful thinking.

Fabricate and make a light to lead

– you astray.

Inside –

where all you know is beneath,

a prophecy of dreams

– you lose every day.


Peg your success on a straw back;

breaks every time – no truth – just lack.

Holds no water – builds no bridges,

don’t bear the weight of your convictions.

Knowledge of your many destinies,

infused with infinite possibilities;

within lies the means,

through the truth of your dreams.


What your consciousness hides

surfaces at night,

as the terror, the love and the fuck.

Can’t be denied,

made in your mind;

you’re trying to show you,

you’re trying to know you,

you’re a meaning inside of the shit we’re all into.


There are no hopes

that hold upon waking,

jus the greed dreams

of madmen;

the divine forsaken.

You’re meaning buried

in a subconscious ether sea.

Dreaming makes real

what hope and fear

could never be.


Holy war – Dream made real.

Atomic bomb – Dream of sin.

Space flight – Dream of escape.

Eternal night – Where dreams begin.


Opening up to yourself,

all up to you to choose now.

Will you hold on to the dreams

of someone else.

or let your mind show you how?

To live

and die

as you were meant to be.

No lies


be the one true self.

Set yourself free!

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