You’re going to feel a little pressure.

Tell me when you can feel it’s in.

Popping through the skin,

a mesmerizing drug-like information.

That’s how all these wars begin.


The process used to be

a little more organic,

but now we use machines,

I see you’re fighting down the panic.

This planet’s rife with a disease,

but don’t worry;

we have a plan.

It’s in motion right now.


Hold still,

here comes another inoculation,

a battery of needles

to defeat those nasty feelings.

We’ve got one to kill your want,

one to kill your sex drive,

one to kill your god,

one to kill your right mind.

One that makes you calm,

one that breaks your will,

one that makes you kill.

By now you should know the drill.


You’re not really you,

so don’t fight it.

You’re just a collection of things

we can manipulate with science.

There is no soul,

just horrible consciousness.

We’re taking control

back from the optimists.


We’ll live longer

if you’d all just realize

that most of you will have to die

for us to live forever.



… don’t move…

… I’m making sure you’re still you.

We’re getting out of here,

we’ve got to get clear

before the artificial life gets here.

We caved in to our fear,

our arrogance and envy.

Made ourselves an enemy

we can’t kill;

all because we thought

the future was ours.

We were gonna walk the stars

and live forever;

now look where we are.


If history has shown us one thing;

the more advanced society always wins.

And one other thing has never changed;

human beings make great slaves.


You’re going to feel a little pressure…



HG – 2017

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