The Armageddon Signal

The angels descend Heaven, they are giants amongst the trees. Bright light, emerald filter, bathes the glade in deference to starlight.   The cosmos crawls, spread, like an artist's pallet, now. The image of all the stars, falling in unison.   Maybe there's a problem here? Glitches in the Matrix. A bad code, cascading crash, … Continue reading The Armageddon Signal


You’re going to feel a little pressure. Tell me when you can feel it’s in. Popping through the skin, a mesmerizing drug-like information. That’s how all these wars begin.   The process used to be a little more organic, but now we use machines, I see you’re fighting down the panic. This planet’s rife with … Continue reading Post-Trans-Humanism

Solitary Disconnect

Plugged in. Engaged. The sound of the system's whine as it powers up. Disconnect. Power down. The high pitched, almost imperceptible sound of a powered device gives way to true silence and I can hear rain falling, wind blowing. Solitary sounds, on a solitary night.   The storm becomes a veil between the individual and … Continue reading Solitary Disconnect


We're gonna tell you what it is.We're gonna tell you who you are.We're gonna tell you where you're from.We're gonna know just what you've done.We'll tell you we're all made of stars.We'll tell you we aren't here at all.We're gonna tell you we're impressed,just lift up your dressto show you're worthy of the call. Another bible's … Continue reading Autofocus

Assholes and Cockroaches

Open your mouth and let out your atrocity. Share your most precious gift for we have gone without. Tell us how the world's supposed to be.   Everyone's an agent and a spy. Everyone has information, they won't be denied. Everyone is cheering on the martyrs who have died and Sunday morning quarterbacking terrorists on-line. … Continue reading Assholes and Cockroaches

The Less and The Numb

You drew me inside with the promise of danger, all that I find is the less and the numb. The loss of sensation has deadened the touch, the thrill is all gone you promised too much and couldn’t deliver.   You said you would bring me the sun, but you fell short of Venus. So … Continue reading The Less and The Numb

Trapped Between Moments

The inability to move, paralysis of will. Trapped between moments in a busy world that has no time to stop and notice one silent, immobile drone. As if in living eulogy, to testify. "Yes!                 - I was once alive!" So statuesque, so perfect. Like an unuttered threat, or a scream of orgasm caught in … Continue reading Trapped Between Moments