Noisy People

There’s nothing left, but the anticipation, a broken heart, too much exhilaration. I lost the day to hate and veneration, delayed my plane, dismayed the congregation; there’s just one explanation.   Something in the far off sky caught my eye and I was gone for forever. Someone blew me a kiss, somehow I missed happily […]


So melodic, each hammer string resonation, drills into me with the force of an event horizon. Drawing me in, inextricable from the feeling of losing my mind.   Love is a rush of blood, an unrelenting suffocation and exhilaration. Coming up for air from a dark and deepest ocean. Ravaging like fire across the skin […]

Magnetic Liquid Metal

It’s magical, the way the universe draws you closer to me. No distance can succeed to separate us; at least, not for very long.   There was a spark, a live connection, that set our entities in tune. A chord that struck a resonation within our consciousness, encompassing all of me, all of you.   […]

My Neurochemistry is Sketchy at Best, but…

.. if I understand it correctly, neurons create tiny pulses of electricity that fire across little dendrite synapses, triggering cells in various parts of my brain to release chemicals and hormones that another part of my brain decodes into emotions and yet another part of my brain translates into words; so, what you are reading […]

Pet Shop Boy

He’s stopped again, between thoughts, he looks around like he’s lost, sees something and he’s off again.   He seems to be searching for a door, for these walls do nothing but restrict him. The sides of his skull ache, his body breaks, when he tries to take it where he wants to go.   […]


Embrace separation. It all just disintegrates in time. There’s nothing left to stand on; all alone, intertwined.   A constancy of birth and decay. An endless dance, a cosmic carousel. Supposed to be opposing polarity; forced by turns to spin madly.   Then we burn, bright, until we blind the sky; then supernova, gone again. […]

The Diagnosis

They took his proclamation of enlightenment as a sign of madness and he was treated with derision and imprisoned for his crime.   He claimed he saw the light, but they thought he was there to shine and they were all blind.   He was no problem, but a prophet always brings, followers with him […]


You’re going to feel a little pressure. Tell me when you can feel it’s in. Popping through the skin, a mesmerizing drug-like information. That’s how all these wars begin.   The process used to be a little more organic, but now we use machines, I see you’re fighting down the panic. This planet’s rife with […]

Maybe Automaton?

“Apply chest compressions!” “Give him oxygen!” “Live, Goddamn it!” “Pushing adrenaline!” “Can you find a pulse?” “No, I think we’re losing him.”   Was he ever alive? Or is he an automaton? Did he ever breathe? Eyes ever cry? You have to be alive to die. I’m not sure why we all have synapses snapping […]

Eyes That See in Color

Eyes that behold the light, sapphire blue suffusions. Reflections through spectrums of deep, red hearts pulsing, expanding with mass gathering faster that heat burns, hot white and corona yellow, in purity of conversion.   Bright soul of the brilliant fires, burned long, down to even, cold azure, off-gassing green luminescent and striking crystalline veins of […]

Made In My Image

I held out an open hand trying to touch the world. I passed right through, I always knew it was an illusion. I cut myself and tried to bleed, since death is the only certainty; I was only so surprised to see wires and circuitry.   It turns out I am an illusion, too, Learning […]

From Dark Before

I was born when the universe was dark. I was shaped when the Earth was cold. I was born by the mother of the void and the father of singularity. Birthed in silence before the light was spoked in to existence; I witnessed the first dividing line.   I am the last of the everything. […]

Dark Matter in The Afterglow

Will you let me take your pain away? Can I be a needle in your vein? You look like you could use an escape. I can be just what you need, the chance you have to take. Are you seeking freedom from your fear? I think you’ll find everything is clear, when you come and […]

In Time

Does the day begin with the dawn? Is it only the strike of Midnight that heralds time’s next immutable step? For we know that though tomorrow is never promised, it is inevitable. Whether we are pre… Source: In Time

Mental Midget

Time changes all ahead of it, no theory or prophecy holds without succumbing to the limit of the mind that spawned it.   Quickly correct all of our thinking it’s not compatible with what we know. Our postulations are just pseudo-truthful. Computer simulations – contrived extrapolations of a species a little too high on itself. […]

Strong Medicine

I have crossed T’s and dotted I’s For as long as I can remember. I have drank deeply of the words of lovers, fiends and prophets and taken each syllable to the head, like strong medicine sipped, draped in gazelle skins staring up at starry nights beneath the canopy of my ancestors.   Each speech, […]

Surge Protector

All the stimulants just depress the essence. All these answers just leave unanswered questions and I’m left with the impression it’s not getting any better. There’s no more high, I’m already stuck on euphoria; orgasms constantly, everything’s glorious. Nothing’s fulfilling, the void just wants more of us; clutching our senses, as it tears at the […]

In Time

Does the day begin with the dawn? Is it only the strike of Midnight that heralds time’s next immutable step? For we know that though tomorrow is never promised, it is inevitable. Whether we are present to bear witness to the Sun’s journey through the heavens, it occurs.   Archeoastronomy may show this has been […]