For The Shadow Warrior

Fight light

and move between shadows,

unburdened by time.

Move between moments,

ceasing only briefly

then gone again.

A deadly wraith.


Tread all paths with trepidation.

Know fear

and let it be your ears,

your eyes,

your skin.


Be unknown

to all, but your closest kin,

mystery is a cloak

and camouflage

is a favorable position to strike from.


Draw unto you

your weaknesses

and make them weapons,

hidden knives

that flash out

from perceived defeats.


Make honesty

and vigilance

your bread and meat.

Be faithful

and humble,

for the world seeks

to defeat the boastful.


Exist as if you did not.

Live as though you were dead.

Breathe as if each were your last.


HG – 2016

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