And Earth in Between

Face the Opposition, never let it lie. Hold your position, fight until you die.   No compromise no anger, just the truth and bone and Heaven above you, Hell below.   Let no insipid visions seat upon your brow. Though challenges beset you, take them with you, as you’re going down.   There’s more to […]

Kill the King

See, we all gathered around to hear the news today, to see if the song still remained as it had for ten thousand yesterdays, but there were murmurs in the backcourt, dissention on the line and I knew that these men were no longer my brothers; some, I couldn’t recognise.   Greed and envy take […]

Climbing West into the Dragon’s Sky

Sleepless nights. Day with no night. Abandoning the view for a higher sight. Might just be running, but I can’t tell if it’s to, or from something.   Felt the grip slip and gripped harder. Felt the ground shake; built my foundation wider. Delighted too much in denying myself nothing; experience can be a killing […]

For The Shadow Warrior

Fight light and move between shadows, unburdened by time. Move between moments, ceasing only briefly then gone again. A deadly wraith.   Tread all paths with trepidation. Know fear and let it be your ears, your eyes, your skin.   Be unknown to all, but your closest kin, mystery is a cloak and camouflage is […]