Other Second Chances

Being alive
in this place,
at this time.
Seeing inside,
what awaits,
what’s denied.
Pushing past pain
to regain
what I’ve never known.
Our fortunes are foreign
and fortunate sons
go alone.

With every bridge burned
in my wake
I can finally go on.
There’s only one way
I can face;
the light of the dawn.
Each day breeds a need,
an unfulfilled hunger,
so strong.
Still staring in awe
at the wonders
my eyes lie upon;
then they’re dead and gone.

There is no cure
for what is promised,
but this moment;
oh, I know.
Each second ticks past
as the last,
so I can’t let them go.
I take them all in,
keep them safe,
until they can grow.
Stand on their own,
alive and aloud,
no longer alone,
purposeful, proud.
Never ground down
by the waves,
or the wind;
I am mine to save,
it is time to begin.

Feeling my fear
tempered with resolve,
ignited by love,
for what I’ve called.
‘Til all pass away,
I will keep through the night,
I will rise with the dawn,
I will be there to fight.

HG – 2016

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