Dirty Dollar

Share in this moment,

just a minute

dare you to try to live in it a while.

Dreaming vividly,

dying rapidly.

Living slowly,

as it’s happening.

Greet the dawning truth and not denial.

For me or you, nothing’s easy to do.

Fuck anyone who measures right with a gun.

Living, breathing, fucking, feeding,

dying human beings here.

Trying to live my life and I’m only one.

Could you fuckin’ aggravate any more shit?

Each day dawns disaster and I’m sick of it.

Sick of the lies, so I try to shut up.

Try not to contribute,

it’s all too fucked up for me.

Feeling the need,

no one agrees.

Blinded to pain

by the gain and the greed.

Lost in a haze,

I’m fucking amazed I can even see

them anymore.

Bought and paid for.

You don’t recognize truth anymore.

All of the use is just proof of abuse,

in the end, you’re just a whore.


HG – 2000-2005

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