Break Time

So tired. Glossed over the mad season's crawl. Suffered from every self inflicted affliction I could get my hands on.   My cup runneth over with all kinds of morbid cocktails and I have stood in line too long to take them back, so I just stand there nursing my disappointments.   In the dark, … Continue reading Break Time

Redundant Life

Dropped out - Ground down So proud - Now loud unbound. I've come - Gone long - Singles suffer. Now one from none and no other.   Building bridges just to burn, afraid you'll have to wait your turn, because it takes time to fuck it up right.   Holy and heathen - feeding the … Continue reading Redundant Life


No cover, no bigger rush. No other, so much for this shit. There lies the favor, love her or hate her, here is your saviour; shrouded in malcontents.   Sit and wonder how I stand, what I've done with my own hands. Draw out this distorted love, where is the one that I dream of? … Continue reading Bastards

Dirty Dollar

Share in this moment, just a minute dare you to try to live in it a while. Dreaming vividly, dying rapidly. Living slowly, as it's happening. Greet the dawning truth and not denial. For me or you, nothing's easy to do. Fuck anyone who measures right with a gun. Living, breathing, fucking, feeding, dying human … Continue reading Dirty Dollar

Dead To Dreaming

They come, forlorn spirits. I cast off my fear. Singing lamentation, green absinthe, cloudy and unclear. Try to drown, force to see, the hidden need. Hold me down, family, the knowledge tree. Winter lacking snow, not so far to go. I'm far from fear, all love is near. Awaken dead eyes, ocean takes my cries. … Continue reading Dead To Dreaming