The Player’s Part

We stand underwater.

We see into love.

Stay and we shall build a better us.

Play out all our plans inside our heads.

We play our parts out on the stage,

like stars in some celestial drama.

Each writes out their own acts

in old game gold with age.


There’s trouble on the water,

you can hear the victims cry

their tears of lamentation,

as they sit and watch innocence die.

All of us together

make it more by bringing out

the better part of each of us;

the heat of heart that burns

melting the water into cloud.


We stand together under sunlight

under water, under glass

watching the other players pass.

We see into love,

into your eyes

the simple soul, feeling what we’re making.

A hug, a touch, a look of care, a cue

to play my part and you my friend,

I see that we’re amazing.


Like players in an act,

sweetest synergy;

I am just a part

and it’s a part of me.


HG 1995-2000

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