Thursday at The Office

Patience is a virtue. To be long suffering is a gift. Being slow to anger and even in response is a sign of a balanced and mature mind. But, even the strongest of us break. Even the most tempered, crack under the strain. The haunting laughter of madness lurks in some dark corner of all […]

You, God and The Weatherman

My hands are no longer steady. My pistols sit in decorative cases, long unused. There was a time that we would roam far and wide, beyond the confines of our eyesight, but now the night brings only hunger and regret.   My old Ford would make the trip through the country, into the city and […]

The Player’s Part

We stand underwater. We see into love. Stay and we shall build a better us. Play out all our plans inside our heads. We play our parts out on the stage, like stars in some celestial drama. Each writes out their own acts in old game gold with age.   There’s trouble on the water, […]