Canada Day 2015

This Canada Day, I find myself reflecting on the blessings of good fortune that I benefit from due to my birth in this fine nation.

I know that this good fortune is the result of generations of men and women who worked hard and sacrificed to create this great nation. Many spent their lives carving an existence out of this hard land, then when called upon, they shipped off overseas to defend that same life for other nations.

Canada has always been a nation of “doers”. Practical people who rarely complain, yet accomplish much despite great hardships.

We have never been a nation of entitled elites and landowning robber barons, who feast on the toils of the lower class. We have never been a nation of shrewd diplomats and pedigree politicians who seek to fatten their pockets and expand their influence at the expense of the Dominion. We have never been a nation whose people did not seek to better their situation and their communities by their own labour and investment.

Some may say that though we have never been these things in the past, we are in a new a progressive day and age must conform to the times.

No. We do not conform, or pander to the flippant will of the malcontents. We are masters of our own destiny. Through our blood courses the same will that connected this great nation from coast to coast. That cemented its resolve on the shores of Juno Beach. That to this day seeks reason, justice, humanity and balance in its policies, while still standing firm against those who would do us harm.

These things are our heritage, our legacy and our hope for the future. The will runs red through our blood as it stands on our flag.

This is my Canada.

Strong and free.

God Bless Canada!

Happy Canada Day!

HG – 2015

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