My Ancient Name

I am formed from between two rivers, lineage runs deep, blue cascades and white water Fraser, tumbling up and out and over long and languid prairies to the St. Lawrence shipways; mouth agape to the open ocean.   My hands threw a net and caught the eastern islands, wrought iron from ancient Viking homesteads driven […]

Crooks & Niches

We settled into our crooks and niches, comfortable spaces and told stories of the cold Winter, warmed out hands on brazen egos, stoked the fires of our self perception. We didn’t ever think that the cold, dark night that howled itself hoarse outside would want to come in.   It did. It wanted to open […]

An Incomplete Season

I came from a place of far off spring-times, of never-quite-relenting winters and summer mirage waves that cooked up off the roofs of houses in a derelict cul-de-sac.   Not a place for high fantasy. Not a place for star-crossed lovers. Maybe a six-pack and a Saturday night, domestic quarrel with the neighbors, nerves frayed […]

When They Speak

Listen to what they tell you, for they are wise in the ways of mist and cedar, learned of folding mantle crust fractures jutting skyward. Monuments to a hundred million years of labour pains.   Stop. Just stop talking. Stop cutting. Stop grinding. Stop burning and hear with a child’s mind new first lessons, for […]

Canada Day 2015

This Canada Day, I find myself reflecting on the blessings of good fortune that I benefit from due to my birth in this fine nation. I know that this good fortune is the result of generations of men and women who worked hard and sacrificed to create this great nation. Many spent their lives carving […]