Her Father Called Her Name and She Was Gone

Come out from admidst your beautiful menagerie
and walk with me between vast spaces
and I shall show you all of creation.

Hear me, and put adside a child’s vision
be no more of one world, but of all worlds;
for you were never made to be a fixture.

You, of feminine skin
grew with other pretty faces
passing through the garden
turning your face to the sun

From this fucundity I must draw you,
from tender flesh
to the ether
to be with me
in the space between.

You were not long for the garden
for the wild life
brief and sensual and violent.

For there I placed countless forms
of bird and beast
of snake and sinner
but of you I made only one.

Now, I have called you to be with me
for while we were apart you were not whole
a being locked in chrysalis
waiting to emerge.

Let me coax you from that comfort
there will be some pain
but it will pass.

You will know that I have always loved you.

Your wings are beautiful now.

HG – 2015

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