Hands and Skin


I was stone

and you broke me

with your little


wearing into me,

like drops of water

cut a river

through a mountain.


Didn’t know I was

alive inside.

Though that I

long ago had died.


In the evening,

listing in the shadows

on my own.

You spoke the words

that awoke in me

some kind of sweet energy.

Found myself here,



to your mystery.


You landed on top of me

with your wings

and described to me

things I had never seen.

Where had I been looking?


Got me to turn my eyes

towards the sky.

I didn’t know I had

all these other

parts of me.


Thought I was hands and skin,


my life as a weapon.

you broke into me

like a thief

and took my heart outside.



this is what it’s like to be alive.


It’s terrifying

and captivating.


and bewildering.


There’s so much more

than me

out here.


Thank you

for breaking me open,

setting me free.



HG – 2021

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