Mental Health Monday – 11.14.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Purpose. What can it do for us? Indulge me in a little thought experiment. Think back to the time you remember feeling the most excited you have ever been in your entire  life. Being a kid on Christmas Eve. The night before your wedding. Anticipating the birth of a child. The night before starting … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 11.14.22

Warning to a Wildman

  Get out of here. You, a wild thing, not bred for the civil lands. Callous in pleasant company. You seek the wind for your sole guidance. Decrying the wisdom of men, ridiculing their refinements, and eschewing their institutions. You, of muddy birth and sundry education, but eyes that gleam like ice, or fire, depending … Continue reading Warning to a Wildman

Ego for an Avatar

  Past aside. Vernal procession still a horizon away. Mouth full of questions where used to be curses like shattered glass. Polarity opposing. Pupils dilated to let in this black and purple sky. Firmament covered in bruises, inflicting the desire to trade an ego for an avatar. Hands reach up to feel facial features worn … Continue reading Ego for an Avatar

High Wire

  High wire. Up above the heads of circus-kind. Acrobats and flying trapeze, life on the line. The feeling of falling is replaced by the thrill of flight. Up on the high wire, one line left of life. Posture straight and eyes ahead. All eyes on life and death. Balance wavers as the mind wanders. … Continue reading High Wire

These Hands

  Words are only words. I need to reach out with my hands and tell you, show you what I mean. After all, aren’t we engaged in more than just communication? Building reality occasionally means you must pick up a hammer and nails. The pen can write a song, can inspire the heart of nations, … Continue reading These Hands

Straight Flush

  Tune out. Placing myself somewhere else. I cannot dwell here, in Hell, Dear. Playing the hand I was dealt. Waited a long time for this world to show its cards. Made a few bad plays. It didn’t have to be this hard. Now, I am stepping out on the game. Take the pot and … Continue reading Straight Flush

Remembrance Day – 2022

Remember them.Their service and their sacrifice. Not heroes of myth, but brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. Fathers, grandfathers, and stretching back across the aeons of time - protectors. Remember them.Let us not seek the pleasure of wanton peace without knowing it is upon their lives we tread. Remember that tomorrow is not assured and that … Continue reading Remembrance Day – 2022

ReBlog Wednesday – “Uranium”

We change. What we were is subsumed by our present being and the thing we are is not the thing we will become. We are transitory creatures, evolving, dying, and being born again, day after day throughout our lives. We can grow to become strong and benevolent, or we can wither and writhe under the … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Uranium”

Mental Health Monday – 11.07.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness The Quick Fix We all want it. That magic elixir that will undo the years of trauma, abuse, and neglect. The Happy Pill. The Miracle Weight Loss Drug. The Cure For Everything. Hair Club For Men. Some things we can fix, and some things we just have to deal with. The fact is, we … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 11.07.22

Interference World

  It becomes hard to hear yourself above the constant hum. Brain wavelengths, static of a distant drum beathing an infectious tune into the spaces where we used to commune with the natural. An interference world becomes a barrier to our calling. Just video of trees, muted to ignore the falling. Step onto the ground … Continue reading Interference World

Inextricable You

  Inextricable you, me, and everything. Not much separation even now. How hard is it going to be when it’s time to part? Or will we slide out easily? So homogenous, that when someone disappears another takes their place and we don’t even notice. Just another one of us, faceless and indistinguishable. Cursed in the … Continue reading Inextricable You

The Neighbors

  The walls are wearing thin. I can hear the neighbors. Listen to them talk, and fight, and fuck. Every word. Verbatim. Used to be so quiet here. No one around except us and our dreams and petty problems. Seems like the world showed up and moved in next door. I’d call the landlord and … Continue reading The Neighbors

This War

  Both sides in this war have angels. Both sides in this war have kings. Both sides in this war have heroes. Both sides will say anything. To break their foe and watch them suffer. Victory at any cost. No thought to what happens after, or how many lives are lost.   Both sides in … Continue reading This War

One More Day

  Give every word, not holding back one little thing. Give every breath, not seeking to conserve. Spend every effort, not even looking for a pause. Just want to make this dream come true. They gave us sawdust and called it “Wood.” They gave us stardust and called it “God.” They gave us ashes and … Continue reading One More Day

Bound in Binary

  “Would you change for me?” “No.” “Would you change for you?” “No.” Have I really changed for you in any way that I didn’t want to? I don’t understand you. I don’t understand us. I don’t even understand myself, but I’ll be sure to ascribe some higher moral motivation to my rationale and my … Continue reading Bound in Binary


  Insane place. Insane pace. The kingdom of the beaten down. Hope rides a long mortuary train and Faith lingers hesitantly on the threshold. How much more could we give to our sin? Could we give everything? Joy is a nation state, seized and conquered, or a fool’s proclamation. Driven to and fro. Birth, to … Continue reading Departures