These were just words, until you gave them wings; purely, accidentally. Only lit your eye upon them and they came alive and took to the sky, fulfilling a billion possibilities.   How would I deny I placed them there? Entrapment for the future of mankind. For never was a thing created that was not first […]


Words face out Face words in Inward face Outward words     I really don’t know where it all comes from. Sometimes, I think “There’s nothing left. I couldn’t imagine writing another word.” Then I start and it comes slowly at first, as I get over the first horizon of the parabola, then it’s all […]


  Why don’t you grab your car and we can take a drive? Out to the edge of everything we’ve ever tried. We could sit and watch the stars explode, or just keep driving until we run out of road.   C’mon now, let’s play the game. All these people all act the same. Let’s […]

Break Time

So tired. Glossed over the mad season’s crawl. Suffered from every self inflicted affliction I could get my hands on.   My cup runneth over with all kinds of morbid cocktails and I have stood in line too long to take them back, so I just stand there nursing my disappointments.   In the dark, […]