ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

Another ReBlog Wednesday. This time coming out with a piece called "Hot War". This piece touches on the theme of "Comfort is Death". Winter cold drives us indoors and under the covers. Hardship makes us seek the mindless entertainment of the screens. Meanwhile, there are still people out there making sure that there is food … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

A Case of Exceptional Normalcy

There is no purchase, nothing to grasp, no grip left to slip, no fingernails left to hang on by, for they are broken, bleeding, shattered and I am falling...   ...I wake to a room bathed in soft white light and my wife beside me. Thoughts swim just below the surface like playful dolphins, teasing … Continue reading A Case of Exceptional Normalcy

Work Week

Morning routine. Wake. Make coffee. Get dressed. Climb down into the tube and race into the dark. Emerge to street level. Buy breakfast, coffee from smiling actress, then into the box; it is time to work.   Share ineffectual “Good Mornings” with people not in your group. Find workstation. Dodge predatory glances from too-interested co-worker … Continue reading Work Week