RE-Blog Wednesday – “The Winter Wars”

The Winter Wars – Hokus Grey Winter is upon us. The holidays are past. We now are left with the aftermath of our festivities. The visits from friends and relatives, the indulgences of food, and booze, and consumeristic hedonism that tends to flow almost as readily as the Christmas Cheer. An end to carols and … Continue reading RE-Blog Wednesday – “The Winter Wars”

The Magic Man

It's time to call the Magic Man. The leaves are on the ground again. The world bends to his sleight of hand and all the dead come back again.   Memory fades, the pain abates, the world becomes brown and grey. Call on the Magic Man to play a trick on you and it can … Continue reading The Magic Man

Crooks & Niches

We settled into our crooks and niches, comfortable spaces and told stories of the cold Winter, warmed out hands on brazen egos, stoked the fires of our self perception. We didn’t ever think that the cold, dark night that howled itself hoarse outside would want to come in.   It did. It wanted to open … Continue reading Crooks & Niches

An Incomplete Season

I came from a place of far off spring-times, of never-quite-relenting winters and summer mirage waves that cooked up off the roofs of houses in a derelict cul-de-sac.   Not a place for high fantasy. Not a place for star-crossed lovers. Maybe a six-pack and a Saturday night, domestic quarrel with the neighbors, nerves frayed … Continue reading An Incomplete Season

Seasonally Affected

In another couple of weeks I'll be sick of Winter and Winter will still hang around for a while.   When Spring does come it will be a welcome change, 'cause Lord knows I can feel a change is coming.   I have built up what I hope is enough, so when the change comes, … Continue reading Seasonally Affected

Winter of The Raven

Snow covers the ground and now the Earth may keep her secrets for another season. The songbirds have gone; replaced by the fat, black Raven. His long, wicked beak probes and penetrates, seeking carrion in the new world.   This is a world where all things die and we used to bury our dead, but … Continue reading Winter of The Raven