ReBlog Wednesday – “Rescue Breathing”

July 2020 doesn't seem that long ago in retrospect, but when I try to place myself back there, the timeline seems chaotic and obscured. I recall a daily ritual of wondering what fresh hell would visit us each day. Chaos and a riot of emotions. COVID-19 countermeasures in full swing. Domestic terror from every corner. … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Rescue Breathing”

ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

Shuffle Play – Hokus Grey A lifetime ago (at least it feels that way) I spent some time hanging around musicians and fancied myself a bit of a singer songwriter. I was young and full of dreams and even though after a few years the dream died under the weight of life's vagrancies, I still … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Shuffle Play”

Reblog Wednesday – “People Face”

A little something for those who feel the need to detach and find some separation from all the madness of the world. Sometimes, it's easy to feel like we don't belong to the same genus of homosapien as the rest of society. It's good to spend some time alone and get some perspective. It … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “People Face”