The Flood

The water's coming up. Yeah, that old Spring thaw. Brought rain from the mountains, more rain than we had seen in a long time.   In the night, the river overflowed its banks, washing way homes and people and dreams.   It's easy to underestimate the power of water. One drop from the sky, one … Continue reading The Flood

The Will of The Storm

On the horizon, the storm gathers and waits for some poor soul to wander far from home. Then it rolls in, slow and silent, between us and the Sun and cools our skin with winds from high up.   Rumbles come, low and breaking. Lit by light snapping, cracking the sky and blistering the air … Continue reading The Will of The Storm

Solitary Disconnect

Plugged in. Engaged. The sound of the system's whine as it powers up. Disconnect. Power down. The high pitched, almost imperceptible sound of a powered device gives way to true silence and I can hear rain falling, wind blowing. Solitary sounds, on a solitary night.   The storm becomes a veil between the individual and … Continue reading Solitary Disconnect