The Evening Tide

  Come on in, the water’s fine. We’re breathing light, the night’s divine. All of our cares been set aside, lost upon the evening tide.   We came as ghosts, with brittle skin. We lost a host of conversions. We grow in loss, we fade away, until tonight, tonight we make the stars call out. […]

Embracing Water

Done with burning up the past one torn piece at a time. Finished with watching the flames dance with every little bit of life. Running out of memories and too afraid to burn tomorrow. Conversations just for one to a flat screen known by name.   Missing handle, missing avatar, just a ghost in the […]

Fire, Water, Sky

The ring burns, fire feathers take flight into the night. Waves roll in off the ocean, reconciling madly with the indolent shore.   Rise my fire, fly high. My life cycle rise to the stars in the western sky.   Seek that moment in between wood cracking and waves lapping; silence is the distance between […]

The Flood

The water’s coming up. Yeah, that old Spring thaw. Brought rain from the mountains, more rain than we had seen in a long time.   In the night, the river overflowed its banks, washing way homes and people and dreams.   It’s easy to underestimate the power of water. One drop from the sky, one […]

Bitter Water Healin’

The past – never lasts. The cure – is so unsure. I’ve broken every cast, spiked the mix and still it’s pure.   Unadulterated – Chronic masturbated I know, I probably should have waited, can’t remain this aggravated – and surviving on nothing’s just part of disbelief. Holding close to closing, press the button for […]