Daily Word Jumble

King of the long draw, the explanation gone. Self denier, a clinical neglect.   Shake them old bones, see what the future brings. Never give up, always give in to the medicine.   Hang on for now, the weather’s gonna change, far reaching and long gone, the interface.   An addict is an addict, no […]

A Wandering Mind

I have worn holes in my skin, going through the motions, again and again and again. Sitting by the ocean, I can hear the waves and I’m thinking about giving them my cares to take away. I’m thinking about watching these games go up in flames and wandering the wilderness, wild and untamed.   My […]

Traveller Ensnared

I stopped, only with the intent to linger but for a moment under the light of your wounded moon. I did not expect to be so ensnared by Gypsy song and rhythmic dancing, nor intoxicated by such beauty.   Maybe it was the fortified wine, or mystic whispers carried on the swirling smoke of hashish, […]

The Destination

My footsteps echo down empty corridors. Institutional white, sanitized and bleached. Bright light suffuses from nowhere and everywhere, chasing away every scrap of shadow. I walk casually and without purpose down these endless hallways with no doors and no windows. All this has to be leading somewhere. The dark at the end of the tunnel.