High Flyers and Deep Divers

The weight of the dagger drags your hand down, so close to the throat; all you have to do is let go. The answer is not in the asking, it’s in the silence that follows. I have not oppressed myself enough today. I am far too free with words I cast away. Have a care […]

Easing the Descent

She’s sitting on the window sill, sliding down the wall, drunk – or merely giving in to a sick compulsion’s call and a withered man says pray and save, but he don’t understand at all; easing the descent ain’t quite that easy – believe me-   Hands let her down slowly, words aren’t all that […]

Ocean of Reflection

Derivative, a little piece of everything is what we are. Somehow we live with our eyes turned inside so far.   We don’t see past you or me, can’t reconcile this separation, together we might become something more; all cowering in what has gone before. Fear of pain and abandonment, we cling to the words, […]

Mine is a Simple Love

I’ve been a part of her, She’s been a part of me. We’ve mingles tissues, we’ve mingled tears and we’ve dipped into the sea. Slow she’s going to be, to trust her fragile heart to me; the creature I am is a killer, I hear. So, I’ll love her for her simple inner beauty. I […]

Slaying Monsters

Do I suffer to see the failing, or fail to see the suffering? There’s something rustling in my hedgerow, what I don’t know, is when the other hammer falls, as mine is falling now. Have I wasted every opportunity, or have I just been fucking wasted? Have I tasted of the waters, and been saved […]

Into the Black

We are simple creatures who complicate our fates; begging for our betters to ease what we have made. Never has anything been done that we have not begun, our ends and our beginnings as certain as the sun. We yearn for love and comfort, while we lust for ease and gain. We cut ourselves for […]


I have smiled as summer rain shone, casting the world in rainbow iridescence. Beating upon thin roofs a steady smack and rumble, in time with some sacred part of my soul. Feeding each green thing, conducting a composition in compost, home to worm and ant and beetle. Where delicate shoots break the surface to unfurl […]

Temporary Insanity is Temporary

And these things too shall pass. The empty pit inside, loneliness and fear, when darkness finds us without comfort, soon the dawn draws near. When vexed by situations of our own creation, we can rest in meditation ‘till the way forward is clear. All that’s required of us is to persevere. And all suffering shall […]

The Noose is Wireless

Their tongues twist ideas into snares laid bare and we hang on every word. With revolution at our door, we huddle in our homes; afraid to press beyond our thresholds, we subscribe to the liar’s eyes. An invisible world, bloated with information that neither turns the tide, nor fills the vacuum, but exposes an endless […]

The Destination

My footsteps echo down empty corridors. Institutional white, sanitized and bleached. Bright light suffuses from nowhere and everywhere, chasing away every scrap of shadow. I walk casually and without purpose down these endless hallways with no doors and no windows. All this has to be leading somewhere. The dark at the end of the tunnel.

Light Switch

I have nurtured every wicked thing within me. I have left my soul wretched, drown and empty. Followed modern men into the future, fumbling for the light switch. I am faded if I look behind me. Dead, if I am presently ’cause I’m not how I ought to be, but the dark is always there. […]


I’ll take care of you. I will shelter you when you need me to. I won’t hinder you. I will nurture you and I will improve every day in some little way. All the care you’ve shown, more than I’ve ever known. Seen how far you’d go, made me feel at home, in a world […]


We never collide straight on. Always in a frantic spin. Never been sustained this long. Make it up and it all goes wrong. Just sitting in on it all. Facing north, heading south. The further we go the smaller it seems, but always larger than life on TV. A second to breathe is what we […]


Itinerant walls converge in corners, confining the eye to civilized angles. It’s nothing to be obtuse about, that is the way we progress. Even our curves are sculpted by scalpels; ripped, shaped and reformed, into something other than human. Other than us. Just not good enough. God’s perfect creation, was merely a good place to […]

The Monolith

I scratched out a design in frozen ground how I envisioned the machine might work. In fleeting moments I considered bound to empirical laws the bright expound while looking down from learned, lofty perch. So simple though it seemed to me to be, then growing greater in pugnacious detail. The icy etching spawned complexity; that […]

When We Smile Tears

How can you smile with that torn up heart? Do you see more than we can see? Is there more to be found than the cold, cold ground at the edge of the deep blue sea?   Have you heard some tell tall tales from the west, how Fortune, she favours the brave? Or how […]


I would ressurrect a happier time if I could, but I cannot. I would tell you “Everything’s gonna be alright.” if I could promise it. The hazards that come with the flood, I’m managing not to scrape my feet on the ceiling. If I could take your place and all your pain, I would, but […]

The Last Dawn

Conciousness claims another victim, as the dawn’s light glints golden off the faces of ancient oppressors. We used to see in black and white until all division was abolished under the ressurrection of what never died. What never was. But will be. We used to feed on fruits of pain and toil. Flesh worked steel, […]


Can I see the horizon from here? How far is it to the ocean? I’m not sure which way is home, just know I have to get moving. There’s commotion in their perfect little boxes, like future caskets waiting to fulfill their purpose; mandibles wet with anticipation. So I set out, in a direction somewhere […]