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After much thought, I have decided that I would like to give my readers a way to support this blog, as well as my future creative endeavours. I have chosen to start a Patreon page to allow for access to exclusive content that will not appear on the Hokus Grey WordPress page, as well as […]

05.21.18 – A Few Words

I don’t do enough of these, these kind of updates and personal anecdotes. I like to think that everyone is just here to see the work, without the ego and the trappings of the modern writer, or blogger, that cast themselves always in the central role of their story. Not that there’s anything wrong with […]


I was away last week. Travelling. Not far, but far enough.   I promise to make up for it this weekend. I have a lot of new writing to share.   Thanks for waiting.   -HG


I have never been a “tow the line” type of guy. I have always valued the learning potential of chaos and failure. When your default setting is absolute, inconsolable panic; the idea of uncertainty becomes your shadow.   Remain unpredictable. Be chaos. Everyone loves surprises.   -HG


Things get in the way. Life makes our choices for us. It seems we choose to let it sway our branches, draw us deep into long, dismal spirals and harangue our virtues with insipid melodramas. But if we are rooted in the rich soil of our detriments, we can spoil the firmament with our outstretched […]


Title fight night. Food guilt and endless morons. Sweat, pain and shame; the magnificent trifecta. Rounds out the week nicely, like a cold beer and a blowjob. Nights are cold, so a wise person never turns down company.   Come one, come all! Joint the freak show! Join the revolution! It won’t be televised, but […]


Words face out Face words in Inward face Outward words     I really don’t know where it all comes from. Sometimes, I think “There’s nothing left. I couldn’t imagine writing another word.” Then I start and it comes slowly at first, as I get over the first horizon of the parabola, then it’s all […]


It seems like I’m everywhere these days and nowhere. One minute focused like a laser beam, the next, trying to take in the entire expanse of creation in one glance; a screenshot of everything.   The struggle is real; or is it? Am I just making it up? Am I grappling with a lie? How […]


Who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. Thoughts to words, words to actions, actions to consequences.   Can we be honest with ourselves, with each other, with the universe about who we are, what we want and our deepest fears?   I don’t know what the end will be, but I know […]


It’s time to find what we can burn, for warmth, for life, forever. What old thing hanging on, dead skin, tattered coat, battered chair, that might provide kindling in the coming season.   The wind blows in, billowing with ill intent, sending us clamoring to our closets for our warmest memories. Tell me a tale […]


Spent some time travelling this week; for business, not for pleasure, but I wrote in different places, which paid strange dividends. Stuck in the life of adult nine to twenty, back and forth, a cold, friction grind. One can benefit from a change in location, sucking in the universe from a different set of coordinates. […]


700 posts and counting. It is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for all of you. The fact I know that you are out there, means that I am here writing to someone that I and not a madman, screaming into the ether. I hope that you all have a day blessed with what good things […]


  5 years… …696 posts… and all of you.   When a writer writes, I like to think it is because they are constantly in conversation with the universe. A mind unbound and more than a little bit unsettled. Nomadic, tribal instinct capturing the stories trapped deep in the long history of our genetic code. A […]


Love. Sex. Violence. Passion. Conflict. Confusion. Anger. Desperation. Fear. Joy. Hope. Death.   These words mean everything, but they mean nothing. We could be them. They could be us. At any time, at any moment; interchangeable. Sometimes my words are meaningless. They go into the junk-pile. Go back and get them later and wonder why […]


4 new pieces about fire and rebirth.   Fire. Everyday starts and ends with fire. Fire is the heart that beats within the chest of passion. Fire is the cosmic quickening by which all things are birthed. From Alpha to Omega. Above us and below us. Combusting, and metabolising matter into energy, into life and […]


Storms and the Dark. Summer ending and Autumn coming on soon and when that is over; Winter. The frigid dark, that will require our fortitude and faith to survive. 2 more pieces to share today. Wishing all good things possible to those in the path of nature’s fury. Stay safe. Be Blessed.   -HG   […]


A long weekend deserved something special, so I wrote “Beautiful Opposite” as today’s piece. It is about loss and excitement. Fear and joy. Anticipation and dissolution. What we want and what is are often different things and to get where we want to be from where we are, often involves us delving into parts of […]


So here we are; pushing past our perceived limitations and shaking off the dust of each previous cataclysm to find ourselves not caught up in the mad cycle of perdition, but instead taking a tentative and exhilarating step forward into the madness of our infinite potential. Pick your battles and fight them tooth and nail. […]


The pitch and roll of life. Some days we wake up on the top of the mountain, some days we find ourselves under it. Don’t stop. That’s the only advice I can give. 3 more pieces on the blog today, with a few more coming tomorrow. Each has a little piece of my heart in […]