Mental Health Monday – 10.16.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Doom. It's all falling down around you. Your stomach sinks. The "Fight or Flight" reaction kicks in. You feel trapped, like an animal. Panic. Fear. You know you've fucked up again. Is it over? Is this the end? No. You've felt this feeling before. You lived through it. You didn't die. In fact, you … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.16.23

An Accident on Purpose

  Confidence; you always had a way about you, ever since I can recall. Throw back to an old hand gesture, telling me everything about how you feel. Skin shows through holes in denim, like accusations levelled in silence and there’s almost a taste of self incarceration.   Why did you ever buy me flowers? … Continue reading An Accident on Purpose

True Black

I flicked off the light and blew out the candles, because I can only write to you from the dark.   Sunlight's too bright and stark filament fires burn away the meaning. Even these new compact LED's just wash out white, evaporating the words that sit in shadows.   I play in shades of grey … Continue reading True Black

The Reckoning

I couldn’t comprehend the difference, I didn’t see the day had come, no longer a shimmering mirage on the horizon. Instead, it was now, it was present; a day of reckoning.   We do not always have a chance to see ourselves in a distant, third-person way. It’s nothing like catching yourself in the mirror, … Continue reading The Reckoning

Shattering Your Perfect Sky

I am speaking in an empty room, describing myself to the walls, exposing myself with the words, I wonder how much you might have heard. Hiding in the corner stall, didn't know that you were there, shoving your dreams up your arm; I thought I was so far from harm.   There are illusions that … Continue reading Shattering Your Perfect Sky