Lowered Expectations

Let me just hear you say that we got here accidentally and we weren't doomed to fail; we just got lost in the majesty, of what it was and what it is and what we thought could be.   Never mind all our fears, try to forget my awkward gestures try to forget betrayal; maybe … Continue reading Lowered Expectations

The Fear Diary

A little bit of trepidation is natural, after all death is an ever-present fellow and consequence hangs around here, also. I hope you didn't think the ride was free?   The future is fraught with danger and I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't afraid. In fact, I have been terrified for … Continue reading The Fear Diary

Little Crusades

So ready to accept the lie, so easy to avoid the truth, never thought that much at all about the pain or the abuse. Smile like you like it all driving its way into you.   Like a dull war, we never paid attention while the battle waged on and on. You said, you kept … Continue reading Little Crusades

Match Man

One stick, then another taken away from the Match Man. Piling up his pyre, one and only fire is his destination. There's no hope, no desire. They won't burn him as he stands; take him down to build the flames higher. The tangled effigy of the Match Man.   Could have lit the flame, could … Continue reading Match Man

An Accident on Purpose

  Confidence; you always had a way about you, ever since I can recall. Throw back to an old hand gesture, telling me everything about how you feel. Skin shows through holes in denim, like accusations levelled in silence and there’s almost a taste of self incarceration.   Why did you ever buy me flowers? … Continue reading An Accident on Purpose

Listening to Angels

Listen to the rhythms of a world gone slow, breathing temp seductive in the ebb and flow. There are expressions on our faces as we sleep; revealing our dreams, our need to be comforted by something, any little thing. Be it the arms wrapped around us, or that voice in our ear telling us that … Continue reading Listening to Angels

The Trust Game

Breaking all of my personal guidelines.   Giving a chance to the unrequited.   Don’t think I had half a mind to save you.   Don’t think that I really cared.   But I will step out of my comfort zone, So you can see I tried.   I’m No better than you, I have … Continue reading The Trust Game