Mental Health Monday – 10.31.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Of dreams and nightmares. We sleep and we dream. Some of us remember our dreams in vivid detail, real memories of alternate lives lived in other places and times. Others believe they do not dream, though most do, merely lacking recollection. Still others, dream lucid dreams, walking the pathways of their subconscious as you … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.31.22


  This is not the path. I am not your savior. I'm every mistake you'll make, until you find your way. You're so vulnerable in the eyes of a predator. Watching you become strong, ready soon to meet the visitors.   Don't hang one person's body on the tree, and treat it like something to … Continue reading Pathfinder

The Door

I am stepping through a door. Feel my face bathed in sunlight. Suffering every grievous wound, but something calls me past this threshold. I guess, I was meant to move on. Chains bound me, people trapped me. The world sought to slip a noose around me, but they all pass away in time, and the … Continue reading The Door