A Smile

There is a smile, deeper than where the skin spits. A spark in the eye that belies inner jubilation. In fact, the deeper we go, the more intense the sensation of joy, permeating to the point of madness.   A smile is an open wound showing off our insides. Our hidden and most precious things, … Continue reading A Smile

It’s Funny When We Fall

Hasten the fall, running to the edge and over. Breaking the walls, hitting them so much more, that they come down. Overcome. Laying down. This strangled reply is the best I could find. Maybe making all this happen was a joke? I hear laughing; Oh, so close. In my bones. It must be coming out … Continue reading It’s Funny When We Fall

Chasing Crazy (Love in the Asylum)

Never run off chasing crazy. Don’t try coming after me. The worst thing you could do is catch me. If you’re crazy too, then who’ll catch you? I’ve been stuck in my head for a while now, I think I’ll go out of my mind. From behind these green eyes I’ve grown bored of the … Continue reading Chasing Crazy (Love in the Asylum)