Kicking Rocks

  We kick rocks down a long, straight gravel road that leads nowhere. A strange, “in-between” place that won’t show up on anybody’s map. We’ve walked about a mile, just talking about nothing. Flies buzz around us, and the ditches on either side of the road blossom with huge swarms of mosquitos. Every so often, … Continue reading Kicking Rocks

Mental Health Monday – 06.20.22

#mentalhealthmonday #mentalhealthawareness Presence. Being. We can't achieve anything until we learn how to exist properly. Easy, right? Sure. Are we our thoughts and our emotions?Are we our actions and their effects?Are we random protein chains and amino acids hurling through space in an ever-expanding universe we don't comprehend?Are we children of God? Who are we? … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 06.20.22

Mental Health Monday – 05.23.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness There are no medals for toughness. I tell my team all the time, "No one is going to build a statue in your honor if you die at work. If you want glory in death, then be a soldier, or a police officer,  or a firefighter. No one is paying you to put your … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 05.23.22

Don’t Kill Yourself

You smile so wide, so bright; don't let the present take you away tonight; keep fighting. Oh, please God; please keep fighting.   Let it never be too much. Let it never go too far. There's something precious here; let it never be enough. Don't let the sunlight fade in your eyes today. Don't step … Continue reading Don’t Kill Yourself

Life Preserver

I think I’m upside down, head in the water, now. Trouble with breathing, too. Nothing that I can do. Struggle to right myself, clinging to life itself. Water just remains blue, reflecting the sky at you. I’ve never drown before, don’t want to anymore. Wonder what holds me in this deadly position. How did I … Continue reading Life Preserver

Redundant Life

Dropped out - Ground down So proud - Now loud unbound. I've come - Gone long - Singles suffer. Now one from none and no other.   Building bridges just to burn, afraid you'll have to wait your turn, because it takes time to fuck it up right.   Holy and heathen - feeding the … Continue reading Redundant Life

This Disease

I am feeling so much more that I ever have before. Not even wondering why, no end to what's behind my eyes.   Heal me - No longer chaos and confusion. of my - Misdirected frustration. disease - Coming down like rain. - No end to the pain-   Congregations of believers, let all of … Continue reading This Disease


Honed like a straight razor on a stone, I'm forged in the fire of life alone. Reborn. From the chemical comfort of this womb I'm torn.   Thrust into life - cold as black ice, just as big a hazard as I can devise. All the shit I've had to deal with, don't matter how … Continue reading Reborn

The Wheel

Made on the masochist, spine of a solipsist, angry, high and pissed. Dine on fatal flaw, raped red - rub it raw, time finds me alone, so what, I'm at home.   If every day felt just like these, I'd slit my wrists and die appeased, but 99% of the time luck turns around my … Continue reading The Wheel

Addict of Entropy

Found the strength down south, had to drive the nail in to make a promise I could keep. Open the mind - close the mouth, speaking no words it begins; silence whining fucking sheep.   Yeah, so I got a problem... I don't see you falling all over yourself to lend a hand. Don't judge … Continue reading Addict of Entropy

Bring it Back

These are the darkest hours, painful moments that drag on forever. The unused gift becomes the user's curse. The saddest smile on Earth. But it is addictive, this sweet negative. As the night wears on, thoughts border on suicide, all the time is mine on my side. Regretting nothing and everything, past/present/future - tortures my … Continue reading Bring it Back