Dawn Apostle

These are the lean times. The in between times. The belly full, but sometimes the mind screams and I'm nose to the grindstone, eyes on my own work, feet on the way to a milestone, soul on a slow burn.   It was my turn and I took it without question. My mind made up … Continue reading Dawn Apostle

Sucker Fish

  There are ways to see what you are hiding inside. Tricks of the trade, you might say, to see what you hide. Exposing every secret, highlighting every flaw, can’t separate the skin, from what's beneath too far. A mask of smile and comfort belies a rictus grin, inside you’re laughing at them, until you’re … Continue reading Sucker Fish


No cover, no bigger rush. No other, so much for this shit. There lies the favor, love her or hate her, here is your saviour; shrouded in malcontents.   Sit and wonder how I stand, what I've done with my own hands. Draw out this distorted love, where is the one that I dream of? … Continue reading Bastards