Destiny. Hard wiring. Programming. Conscience. Consciousness. Awareness. Empathy. Drive. Purpose. Life. Death. Eternity. Fate. Faith. God.   These are some of the themes that I am working with these days. The more I venture down the road of Life, I find it all goes down hill. The path slopes down, inexorably to the sea; the […]

Our Worst Day

When you strip away all your choices, all your mistakes, all your pain; what are you? Are you a child again? No more fashioned by consequences, the vast, erroneous wheel we spun and went down comically. No one asks the question; “Am I my fallacies?” They just want to believe that they’re awesome. Well, everybody’s […]


You will be denied. You will be shouted down. You will be laughed at, told “No”, cut out, ostracized, demonized and beaten when you do not give up.   Never give up. A path walked in the light, is better walked alone than not at all. Never admit defeat. Failures are only steps, they are […]


  Ain’t looking for a free ride. Fighting my lies and outside, don’t look so surprised.   Willing and wanting to pay my way with blood, with come, with all I have within me. With piss and spit and shit and the will to succeed.   Respond to a sensation and set it to a […]