Horror and Hope

Marked by an iron letter seared into the flesh, the mark of the Malcontent.   Heathen bringing hedonism, horror and hope to the great white masses and the other 99, 69, maybe more, maybe less. Who cares about a few percent?   I guess if you're understanding this you can count yourself blessed; you're literate, … Continue reading Horror and Hope

The Wonderful Machine

You came through the door, stumbling, as if the world had chased you home, planted on hand on the wall to catch yourself, so you didn't collapse in the foyer. You always said you hated it outside. The world had just expelled you and the only safe place left for you was behind that door. … Continue reading The Wonderful Machine

Panic Upon Waking

Loud, crazy scramble. Black symbols on a deep, green background. Pan over, wide focus; it's a dress pattern. Morbid fascinations, like birds and skeletons and trying to build reality using dream geometry. Long lines that never intersect, senselessly impossible angles, flying buttresses 'that won't come down; they just fly away. Winged predator features. Raptor beaks, … Continue reading Panic Upon Waking

Whiskey Painted Holocaust

Black death negative. I heard a voice in my head screaming, pleading with me to go. I held on, despite the rising tide of terror and the insane screaming.   What have I done? What is still left to do? There was a point to this when I began, I'm sure of it now. All … Continue reading Whiskey Painted Holocaust

Palliative Uncaring

So, I guess it is my lot to console the widow of the world. The once admired bride of lauded human achievement. It was hubris, for us to think we were the world; for the world was here long ago, when we were not. But now, the old Sawbones has declared him dying. Nothing we … Continue reading Palliative Uncaring

The Dead Part

The city never sleeps, but it nods; drifting in a waking dream state. Colored by blinking traffic lights, neon hues lend a sickly pallor to the dream people who walk the streets.   Night is inhabited by the yellow cab, their drivers more vampire than man and I am thankful that a half-inch thick sheet … Continue reading The Dead Part

A Strange Find in My Notebook

Praise be to the solid ground that catches me; though I might be dashed to pieces against the rocks that ring the sea. So it is I who praise and let not any man give praise to Thee, who rescinds all Thy gifts. Hope shall not avail to scorn, or whip, or send the wicked … Continue reading A Strange Find in My Notebook