The Long Wait

The ante room, back behind the counter of the old livery, held a secret. Something old and forgotten, but not lost; just waiting. Time isn’t a thing to worry about when one is timeless. The O’oaldedron sat in a corner, under and old desk, covered in cobwebs, and dust, and rags, waiting. Its day was […]

The Storyteller

I had a story to tell of the wild night and the East wind that came to steal time.   I forgot the words. I lost the plot. I couldn’t find the cadence to lead you down to the edge of the forest, where the witches dwell.   I couldn’t remember what I was supposed […]

Their Secret Lives

We drew back the curtains on old stained photographs, lingering long and languid like a Southern sunset. It was a prairie color, Turn-Of-The-Century Red that dripped down like kindled crimson over the eyes and minds of the antecedent generations.   They said that they were never the kind for pomp and circumstance, but boy, when […]

Crooks & Niches

We settled into our crooks and niches, comfortable spaces and told stories of the cold Winter, warmed out hands on brazen egos, stoked the fires of our self perception. We didn’t ever think that the cold, dark night that howled itself hoarse outside would want to come in.   It did. It wanted to open […]

Two Villages

We do not come from the same place. Our worlds could not be more disparate, could not be more alien; even if we did not share a planet. Even you, are alien to me.   You hair, your skin, your eyes, your clothes, your speech, your thoughts; are bred in a place far different from […]

The Heart of Mystery

                Mystery. It was embedded in her dark eyes, hinted at by her dress and though her lips parted at first only to smile, they whispered of it. I had no desire to solve her, like some detective in a cheap novel; no, she would not yield her secrets by way of clumsy persuasion. I […]

The Dead Part

The city never sleeps, but it nods; drifting in a waking dream state. Colored by blinking traffic lights, neon hues lend a sickly pallor to the dream people who walk the streets.   Night is inhabited by the yellow cab, their drivers more vampire than man and I am thankful that a half-inch thick sheet […]

Pt 1 – The Harrower of Souls

I have walked among darkening shadows, down windswept lanes resplendent in their late autumn fare. With night falling quickly, the bare trees that line the path reach out with spindle fingers, to quicken my step and hasten me on. Even though I profess a scientific mind, for no sum would I dare stop, in the […]

Time of The Shaman

He prays towards Sirius at dusk. Draped in strips of colored cloth, Spartan in fashion, hanging with bright feathers and bones of reptiles.   He is calling on the universe, on that which lies above and below. Sometimes long dead elder gods, or ancestral spirits; he coaxes them down from the astral plane.   A […]

You, God and The Weatherman

My hands are no longer steady. My pistols sit in decorative cases, long unused. There was a time that we would roam far and wide, beyond the confines of our eyesight, but now the night brings only hunger and regret.   My old Ford would make the trip through the country, into the city and […]

Now I’m a Believer…

I never used to believe in Hell.   Until all I could do was watch you, as you were laying on the floor, shedding tears, for days that would never be. I could see no wounds, but they were there; deep and ugly. Jagged tears in vital parts of you.   All I could see […]

Free Refills

Setting amber sun gleaming off too much chrome. Worn, vinyl seats, buzzing “DINER” sign and coffee so strong it could carry itself to the table.   Last refuge before the desert. Before all thoughts of a previous life are abandoned.   The cheeseburger and fries are good, but greasy. Savoured like a condemned man; chewed […]

The Picture in The Hall

A picture of Stonehenge adorned the wall in a hallway of my friend’s mother’s house. It stood out amongst the family portraits, graduation photos and vacation shots along some sunny beach. It just hung there, inexplicable. A monolith, a mystery. She told us she had never been to England, though she was well-travelled, never had […]