We watched the sky, complete in our expectations, warmed by our togetherness, centered in our predilections and the storms rolled in.   The clouds built up, tall towers above the southern hills, great siege engines turning black and rolling down the valley towards us.   We sat, calm, sipping our whiskey and waiting patiently while … Continue reading Daffodils

The Eye of The Hurricane

  The sounds of footfalls echo down empty streets. Night is an amplifier; it wakens the senses. Draws out once imperceptible nuances, like a spider spinning its web, ‘round and round, in time with the coming hurricane.   The sky reveals nothing. It conceals every secret, but revealed only briefly by the bright blaze of … Continue reading The Eye of The Hurricane

The Will of The Storm

On the horizon, the storm gathers and waits for some poor soul to wander far from home. Then it rolls in, slow and silent, between us and the Sun and cools our skin with winds from high up.   Rumbles come, low and breaking. Lit by light snapping, cracking the sky and blistering the air … Continue reading The Will of The Storm


Changes in atmospheric pressures drive the clouds west and the light of the estranged Sun reveals the damage left by an errant summer storm.   Broken fences, felled trees, frayed nerves and you.   A world now bright and hot, becomes humid. Sweaty, sticky bodies fix the neighbor's roof. Replacing missing shingles. Each unable, or … Continue reading Windfall