ReBlog Wednesday – “The Weight of Time and Place”

  The Weight of Time and Place – Hokus Grey   Our past has weight. It’s heavy. Not like a rock we carry around, but dense like a star. Our past has gravity. It doesn’t just pull us backwards. It distorts our view of the present, as well as the future. We get so used … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “The Weight of Time and Place”


I climbed down from vaunted places, high enough to touch the whole world in a day, perceive it in an hour, consider and pass judgement upon it, grow tired and ultimately neglect it.   I watched it turn, but grew weary of its revolutions and I longed to walk again amongst its oceans, bathe in … Continue reading Extra-Terrestrial

Day Space

We never learned how to follow the stars. We were born in the day, afraid of the dark. Taught one way, denied the other. One point of view blind to another.   Never thought to question this infatuation with hiding in plain sight. This constant agrivation, there are no more forevers when the horizon line … Continue reading Day Space