Day of the Spiderlings

I've got that crawling feeling, that under-the-skin sensation that usually portends a change with all the accuracy of an ill wind.   It is the Day of the Spiderlings and the sky is a latticework of shimmering lifelines. Silk sails taking the little arachnids off to find their fate.   I too, feel the first … Continue reading Day of the Spiderlings

An Incomplete Season

I came from a place of far off spring-times, of never-quite-relenting winters and summer mirage waves that cooked up off the roofs of houses in a derelict cul-de-sac.   Not a place for high fantasy. Not a place for star-crossed lovers. Maybe a six-pack and a Saturday night, domestic quarrel with the neighbors, nerves frayed … Continue reading An Incomplete Season

Seasonally Affected

In another couple of weeks I'll be sick of Winter and Winter will still hang around for a while.   When Spring does come it will be a welcome change, 'cause Lord knows I can feel a change is coming.   I have built up what I hope is enough, so when the change comes, … Continue reading Seasonally Affected

A Naked Earth

The warm west wind hastens in Spring, strips the snow off the land like an impatient lover. The Sun, it's power unfelt during Winter's long embrace, now beholds the hills and valleys of a naked Earth. Its ardor intense and welcomed. In between cool rain showers that wash away the layers of cold weariness and … Continue reading A Naked Earth