More than just a memory connects you, you were born woven in this; planned since the beginning. That's why all this energy effects you; interspersed, intertwined with the Mandala, with the Tree of Life.   There never was an accident; there was always a touch of destiny around you. Born of all the stars, why … Continue reading Synapses

Grey Waves

Delirium, master of distraction and mysterium. Voices in our heads speak, are we hearing them? Are we fearing them?   Never far from the edge, feel the push, can't catch our breath. Out of touch, desire for decline, feel the rush, you're out of your mind. No big surprise.   Pull the veil away, you'll … Continue reading Grey Waves

Divinity Us

Each time I pierce this veil drawn across my soul, the mere moments of experiencing the system as a whole, are blinding - so used to hiding. Paranoid, but needing what the light brings.   This whole life holds me over; sewing back on the severed. Why can't I stay forever in this holy moment? … Continue reading Divinity Us