Binary Stars

Try as I might, I couldn't pretend passion, or even feign interest. The depths of those old, slow rollers, curling in from far off places, never explaining where they were, where they had been, or where they were going.   Light like a bright star, dragged me off into some strange odyssey, away from the … Continue reading Binary Stars


So melodic, each hammer string resonation, drills into me with the force of an event horizon. Drawing me in, inextricable from the feeling of losing my mind.   Love is a rush of blood, an unrelenting suffocation and exhilaration. Coming up for air from a dark and deepest ocean. Ravaging like fire across the skin … Continue reading Singularity

Eyes That See in Color

Eyes that behold the light, sapphire blue suffusions. Reflections through spectrums of deep, red hearts pulsing, expanding with mass gathering faster that heat burns, hot white and corona yellow, in purity of conversion.   Bright soul of the brilliant fires, burned long, down to even, cold azure, off-gassing green luminescent and striking crystalline veins of … Continue reading Eyes That See in Color