Why don’t you grab your car and we can take a drive? Out to the edge of everything we’ve ever tried. We could sit and watch the stars explode, or just keep driving until we run out of road.   C’mon now, let’s play the game. All these people all act the same. Let’s … Continue reading Legendary

Like an Angel

I have the words, but I dare not speak them; not sure my tongue could sound them out. I have the strings, but I cannot play them; out of tune and out of touch.   I’m afraid that the beat is shaking, as my heart trembles in my chest; suffering erratic palpitations, this is why … Continue reading Like an Angel

Again I Go Away

It seems that I might never find another way, than this cold dark life that I myself designed and when she looks, I turn and walk the other way; forsaking all I love, but she don't mind.   It might never make a difference to you, but it does to me. I've walked away from … Continue reading Again I Go Away

High Flyers and Deep Divers

The weight of the dagger drags your hand down, so close to the throat; all you have to do is let go. The answer is not in the asking, it’s in the silence that follows. I have not oppressed myself enough today. I am far too free with words I cast away. Have a care … Continue reading High Flyers and Deep Divers

What Is and What Could Never Be

She's on my mind and it's a terrible thing, for it can never be. This man I am is lovesick; sick of love and misery.   Taken all this time to build a wall of such sweet apathy, to live with peace as loneliness and still she finds her way to me; through what is … Continue reading What Is and What Could Never Be