Kill The Lights

  Kill the romance, in the cold of night when the fog sets in, low over the ground. Bury our sin. Conceal our irrelevance. The ones the world creates only to discard.   Kill suburbia. Life in chloroform. Impotent, sedated and compromised. Never lift a finger, but to point it at the screen and say, […]

Noisy People

There’s nothing left, but the anticipation, a broken heart, too much exhilaration. I lost the day to hate and veneration, delayed my plane, dismayed the congregation; there’s just one explanation.   Something in the far off sky caught my eye and I was gone for forever. Someone blew me a kiss, somehow I missed happily […]

Stay Woke

  Malignant. Every way I can look at this, shows me more of your tolerance; your ability to navigate in this world.   I am increasingly doubtful of your grasp of this reality. You’ve given up control to some other entity. Bereft of sense, sleepy eyed and drifting to the left again.   Wake up. […]

The Kill

We sought the summer warmth when winter’s unrelenting grip left our whole world a prison cell and now we seek reprieve from the oppression of Summer’s heavy hand.   We’re never happy, are we? Never finding pleasure with the season, because we ourselves are out of place; out of synch, out of touch with the […]


Embrace separation. It all just disintegrates in time. There’s nothing left to stand on; all alone, intertwined.   A constancy of birth and decay. An endless dance, a cosmic carousel. Supposed to be opposing polarity; forced by turns to spin madly.   Then we burn, bright, until we blind the sky; then supernova, gone again. […]

Echo Chamber

These days the urgent message echoes and doesn’t reach the ears in time. Ringing hollow in the time that we have left, the worlds are lost, for the ear has turned inside.   Far better, it seems, to hear the comfort of the wordless prattle that abates doubt and firms ascension, but when the time […]

Generation Stupid

The sins of the father are visited upon the son and the daughter and I’m not sure it matters. I see a lot of finger pointing, chest thumping, sabre rattling, with little conviction and no real bloodlust, aside from the occasional unbalanced whack-job.   I thought this was supposed to be The Revolution? Maybe instead, […]

“Fuck The Doomed”

Come on, give me a another stress headache, hit me with more overtime, less pay, no promotion, sleepless nights, glaring gaps in my future planning, bills piling up faster than my income, lost friendships, hard facts and soft reasoning, sado-masochistic,  bleeding heart heroes, knuckle dragging gay salesmen, burned black churches, with rich pastors, and poor […]


Those things you’ve loved aren’t gonna break your heart, they’re gonna tear it from your chest and tell you it’s a part of knowing what is best.   If you proclaim that God is great, they’re gonna call it hate and the color of your skin, is gonna get you in; you’re gonna wish you […]

A Catching Fire

It’s so easy to become the thing you hate. Believe me when I say it’s a mistake. There’s only so much pain this world can take, before it breaks.   I left my heart and soul out in the rain, hoping they be washed clean again, but blood survives just fine as a stain; all […]

Civil War

Gasping for air. Straining to catch our breath. Fighting down a raging sea of emotions. Seeking calm, in the midst of chaos, without the futility of trying to understand it; merely trying to keep a grip on humanity.   Beat back that which crawls out of that savage pit of souls. Prison for the murderous […]

When Midnight Came to Call

When Midnight came to call, we were asleep, dreaming gossamer promises on fat, puffy clouds of comfort. We were sedated. Full to our teeth with self aggrandized portions, helpings heaped with our satisfaction and swimming in a rich sauce of wanton disregard.   Of course, we had not been shy with the wine of opulence […]

Hollow Dolls

Given to temptation, trouble and tragedy. Tangled in webs that we weave, intricately. Sin so sublime, there’s no time for apostasy. Claiming the name, we defame our own ancestry.   Playing with life, like a cat with a bird in its mouth. Never so lost as we are when it’s all heading south.   The […]


We’re gonna tell you what it is. We’re gonna tell you who you are. We’re gonna tell you where you’re from. We’re gonna know just what you’ve done. We’ll tell you we’re all made of stars. We’ll tell you we aren’t here at all. We’re gonna tell you we’re impressed, just lift up your dress […]

Assholes and Cockroaches

Open your mouth and let out your atrocity. Share your most precious gift for we have gone without. Tell us how the world’s supposed to be.   Everyone’s an agent and a spy. Everyone has information, they won’t be denied. Everyone is cheering on the martyrs who have died and Sunday morning quarterbacking terrorists on-line. […]

Our Disquiet Masses

If you’re quiet, in the silence you can hear nerves snapping and synapses firing hot, then burning out; as well groomed conflict takes down hearts and minds alike. Bleeding hearts find no bandage and coagulate slowly. Most are left to just bleed out on the floor, their bodies shape a grim hedgerow along the path […]

The Weaklings

Grasping at straws, panicking now with the need to float away, or start a fire.   One look confuses with all the bewilderment a fool can muster.   They are so near to heaven, these lost souls that brush and glide against each other, ’til so often friction gets their better and they burst into […]

So Fucking Absurd

Excuses don’t cut it anymore, just another way to remain – sanitized. Free from the wealth of information, no opinion to cloud your mind. Sympathy – surrogate compassion, mass consciousness hijacked by broadcasts; dilute – delude – denying action.   I am alive and dying daily. Never afraid and yet it is the love that […]


Past this is more of the same thing.   Domination of the passive, aggressive and blind. All of the submissive, find their place and quietly die.   Isn’t this the same shit it was? Essential problems don’t just go away. Don’t matter the birth or the cause; we’re all living this way now.   Their […]


Forces conspire – death and desire, to set you up – take you down, let you hang on barbed wire. People and politics, heathens and heretics, persuade and invade you and ply you with tricks. Want you to submit to their useless shit, convinced that it’s gold, but it’s you who’s sold.   No reason […]